Women Leaders Unite in Kosovo for Week of Women

Jeta Xharra, Kosovo Director for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, speaks about the role of women in fighting corruption at the fourth annual Week of Women in Kosovo. Credit: Arben Llapashtica (NDI)

More than 100 Kosovar women from all sectors of society traveled to Pristina last week for the fourth annual Week of Women (WoW). The weeklong event, supported by NDI, brings together Kosovar women to hone skills and techniques to help them become more effective leaders in their fields.

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Job Opportunity: Resident Program Manager for Political Parties in Algeria

NDI Algeria's resident director, Marie-Eve Bilodeau, speaks at a political party youth convention in Bejaia, Algeria. 600 participants attended the training session.

NDI is seeking an expert with extensive experience in political party development to provide technical assistance and continuous coaching to political parties in Algeria with a focus on citizen outreach, communications and party structure strengthening. This position is based in Algiers but includes regular travel throughout Algeria. The Resident Program Manager will report to NDI’s Resident Director. The estimated start date for this position is May 1, 2015, and the position will run through March 31, 2016, with possibility of extension.

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TweetTalk: Gender, Women & Political Parties

NDI staff answer questions during a "TweetTalk" on women and political parties.

As part of the celebration of International Women’s Day 2015, NDI’s Political Parties and Gender, Women and Democracy teams held a crowdsourcing and networking event on Twitter called a “TweetTalk” to share ideas, best practices and lessons learned when helping to engage more women in political parties.

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Will there be a fourth democratic wave?

BRICS heads of state and government hold hands ahead of the 2014 G-20 summit in Brisbane, Australia. Credit: Roberto Stuckert Filho

As the Cold War came to a close, renowned political scientist, professor and author, Francis Fukuyama, proclaimed the end of history. He said humankind had reached the endpoint of its “ideological evolution,” and Western liberal democracy had won out as the “final form of human government." At around the same time, another influential political scientist, Samuel P. Huntington wrote that the world was in the middle of a “third wave” of democratic expansion. But 23 years later, the third democratic wave has hit a wall. According to Larry Diamond, founding co-editor of the Journal of Democracy, the rapid democratic expansion, which began in the 1970s and continued until 2005, is now in recession.

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Remembering Luis María Duarte

It has been a year since Luis María Duarte – a member of NDI’s 2014 Afghanistan election observation mission – was killed during a terrorist attack on the Serena Hotel in Kabul. Luis, from Asuncion, Paraguay, was a long-time member of NDI’s global community and had been part of the Institute’s election missions in several countries. Beloved as a colleague and friend by so many across the globe, his death was a tremendous shock and loss to the elections community worldwide.

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Women's Political Participation: A Critical Step for Economic Empowerment

Christine Lagarde at NDI’s 2014 Madeleine K. Albright lunch. Credit: IMF

Late last month, a guest on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show told him: “Wherever we go...there is always something” stopping women from following their dreams. The guest? Not a firebrand feminist, but the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde. Her comments came as the IMF released a new report detailing the positive effect women’s economic empowerment has on our world: in short, when women are able to participate in the economy as equal members of the labor force, life improves for everyone. This may not be shocking new information—at least for those of us interested in the topic—but the report presents much-needed evidence to support its findings.

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Analyzing and Visualizing Nigerian Pre-Election Trends

A Nigerian voter holds up his permanent voter registration card. Credit: Transition Montioring Group - Nigeria

Guided by the principle that timely and reliable information about electoral preparations and early warning signs can mitigate the spread of electoral violence, Nigerian Global Network of Domestic Election Monitors (GNDEM) member Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) launched a unique Pre-Election Observation, PREO, ahead of the nation’s long-anticipated general elections.

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A Renewed Vision: DemTools 2.0

DemTools are a set of open-source solutions developed by NDI’s Technology for Democracy team (NDItech) to address some of democracy’s most common problems. The tools, which were released in August to NDI partners, the development community and general public, focus on scalability – providing advanced technologies to make their work more effective, while reducing maintenance and sustainability burdens. NDI recently received a renewed National Endowment for Democracy grant for the continued development and expansion of DemTools. In deciding where and how to allocate these funds, we reviewed current features and updated our roadmap for product development and version release timelines. We determined that better support, enhanced multilingual capacity and increased usability were priorities across all of the tools.

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In Discussion on Gender and Decision-Making, Only One Gender Represented

Audience members listen to a panel discussion titled Beijing +20: Gender, Power and Decision-Making, which was hosted by NDI and the Society for International Development. Credit: Sarah Kincaid

Glancing around the room, it seemed that the Feb. 24 event that NDI’s Gender, Women and Democracy (GWD) team put on had a great turnout. About 60 people from the federal government, academic institutions, multilateral organizations and NGOs were present. Despite the impressive attendance, one startling detail caught my attention as everyone took their seats: nearly everyone was a woman – there was one man on the panel and only two male guests in the audience. This, to me, spoke volumes about the state of the movement for women’s empowerment and gender equality.

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Job Opportunity: Resident Director (Chief of Party) in Cambodia

A villager in Cambodia addresses his parliamentary representatives during an NDI constituency dialogue. Credit: Flickr user Tassos C

NDI seeks a resident director (chief of party) to implement a four-year, multi-million dollar USAID technical assistance program to improve political competition and government accountability in Cambodia. The program works to strengthen democratic systems and increase the participation and leadership of women and youth in electoral and political processes.

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