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Everything but the Monday Round-Up: Catch-All Edition

probably not the best choice for democracy. thanks to

May 21 is World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, a day created by the UN following the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US. Check out the list of 10 things you can do to celebrate this day. Also on this day: The first Democratic National Convention was held in 1832 in Baltimore, Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross in 1881, and most importantly, "The Empire Strikes Back" was released in theatres in 1980.

The Monday Round-Up: ICT in Africa and the Silicon Savanna

The LION2 undersea cable, and others around Africa (

Africa is quickly becoming an I(C)T hub, with Kenya in particular in the news lately. For this week's roundup, we're focusing on technology in Africa, so check out the articles we've been reading and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

The Monday Round-Up: Think of Security as a Snuggie, not a Blanket

we suggest stronger security approaches than this

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is a good five months away, but now is always the right time to refresh basic security practices, especially for travelers and advocacy workers. We're always thinking about new ways to improve our security at NDI, so join the conversation: check out this week's security articles and resources and comment with your thoughts.

Mixing it Up: the Tuesday Round-up

Happy Labor Day.jpg

Happy Labor Day! Well, except if you live in the United States, you’ll have to wait until September to celebrate. With that, here is your Monday, err, Tuesday roundup.

streets > social platforms : the Monday Round-Up

a medieval democracy-seeker

Happy International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day! Today also happens to be Canada Book Day, which is less awesomely named but probably more exciting. After reading our Monday round-up, we strongly encourage you to celebrate with Canada and read a book, then share it with your friends.

A SOPA by any other name? the Monday Round-Up

spoken like a true freedom fighter
It's Emancipation Day in D.C., which, in addition to providing a few extra days to file your taxes, is a great opportunity to celebrate freedom. This week we're highlighting news related to Internet freedom and censorship, with a particular focus on a new House cybersecurity bill called CISPA. 

China and the Internet's Turbulent Relationship: the Monday Round-Up

artist's rendition of China's Great Firewall

China has been all over tech news this week - Anonymous China, updates to the Great Firewall, and censorship are among the top stories. Check out our China-related news and others we're reading:

Social Media Works in Mysterious Ways: the Monday Round-Up

The power - and irony - of social media

Our team is making our staff aware (very aware) about digital security this week. Follow the hashtag #NDISecure to see what our staff is learning, and here are some of the other news stories that have caught our eye this week:

  • International fiber-optic cables have made the Internet more widely available to the African continent, especially in recent years. A report by Peter Lange reviews Internet development statistics in Africa, while The Economist has an informative infographic (and article) showing the state of democracy across Africa.
  • CIMA releases a new report detailing the role of digital media in the Arab world, one year after the revolutions.
  • A bill on "information-technology crimes" with broad wording and harsh punishments is due to come before Iraq's parliament in April. The bill could severely restrict basic freedoms and limit Internet use for Iraqi citizens.
  • Yoani Sanchez, a popular Cuban blogger, sees the Pope's upcoming visit as the perfect opportunity for the rest of the world to see the "real situation" in the island nation.

Everyone's on Twitter But You: the Monday Round-Up

"Iranians: We <3 You" Israeli meme

Twitter keeps cropping up in the news we're following this week, but not just as an extended birthday celebration. Check out the stories we're reading:

South by and Cyber-censorship: The Monday Round-Up

World Day Against Cyber-Censorship (via RSF)

Today is the World Day Against Cyber-Censorship. In our round-up, we've got lots of articles exploring the various forms of online censorship that can take place in different countries worldwide, as well as some other compelling news stories: 

The Need for Privacy and the End of Innovation: The Monday Round-Up


Following a busy week of exploring Open Data standards for legislatures and a roundtable for a NED-sponsored program to strengthen technology for participation, here are some of the news-worthy events that we have been watching:

Security Threats and Social Media Opportunities: The Monday Round-Up

Visualization of Watchdog (courtesy of Mozilla)

The past week has demonstrated how governments and governing bodies are approaching privacy protection and filtering, and how benevolent and malicious actors have been able to take over social media and news platforms. Below is our round-up of these events, as well as other interesting tools and news stories:

Un-Conferencing and Re-Censoring: The Tuesday Round Up

The Features of Orbot

Following the holiday weekend, and subsequent Monday off, here's what you may have missed in tech news:

Radio (and other things): The Monday Round-Up

World Radio Day

Happy World Radio Day! Radio is a particular passion of mine, so here are some great links about this often overlooked medium:


Open, Accountable, Appropriate: The Monday Round-Up

'Solve for X'

Last week was action-packed between the CIMA event on media development, Tech@State: real-time awareness, and beyond. Here are some highlights: 

Tahrir, Twitter, and Telephones: the Monday Round-Up

Tahrir Square - 25 January 2012

After the Internet blackout, news of the cyber world remained at the front of everyone's minds. See what you might have missed:   

Top NGOs and visualizing everything: The Monday Round-Up

Sustaining Sustainability

Last week was focused on Internet Freedom issues here in the US, with the Internet-based protests led by Wikipedia, and the shut-down of the file-sharing site Megaupload. In case you missed them, here are some things from elsewhere in the world:  

The First Round-Up of 2012: Internet Rights and Restrictions

Africa's Undersea Cables

After a break for the Holidays, the Monday Round-Up is back! In case you missed it, NDItech's first podcast looks at some of the work we've been doing in Nicaragua.   

Learning, Failing, Tweeting: The Monday Round-Up


Another installment of the Monday Round-Up, a few stories from the past week! 

Freedom, Health, and Cuban Facebook: Your Monday Round-up


After a short hiatus, NDITech's Monday Round-up makes its triumphant return. Here we'll bring together a few interesting tidbits from the week to get your Monday start right. Last week:

It's Your Monday Afternoon Roundup, v0.1 (beta)


Working weekends? Some people never seem to take a break. We celebrate them, and their whirring gray matter, here in your first-ever Monday blog and news roundup: READ MORE »

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