We need your help to keep women in politics safe

It comes as no surprise that women face enormous hurdles when they are active in politics. Too often, they are told not to run for office or that harassment is the cost of being involved in politics. Violence is #NotTheCost of politics for anyone, ever. But until we reach this ideal, women who stand up for change are forced to take extraordinary measures to ensure their safety and that of their families.

Please join me now – – to support a groundbreaking new tool called “#think10,” which helps politically active women identify their personal and professional vulnerabilities so they can take informed steps to strengthen their safety. Your gift will help develop a text messaging (or SMS) version of the #think10 safety planning tool so that anyone with a cell phone can use the tool.

Every dollar will be matched so – if you give today – the impact of your gift will be doubled (click here to give). 

Getting more women involved in politics is one way we can end violence against women. Please give so women are more informed on how to protect themselves and remain active in politics, as voters, political candidates and officeholders.

Kenneth Wollack

Madeleine K. Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State
Chairman of the National Democratic Institute